KATIE ELEVITCH: Kindling For The Fire

“Time-stands-still suspense to orgasmic peaks whose release can seem infinite, the(se) seven songs...display an incantatory quality that seems almost savage in its primal power” — The Big Takeover Issue #63

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  1. Corner Of Love And Fear
  2. Katamaran Riding
  3. Starting Gate
  4. Kindling For The Fire
  5. I Never Win
  6. Hurt People
  7. The Inside Room





Katie Elevitch - Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Stomp, Hand Claps

Riley McMahon - Electric Guitars, Lap Steel, Wurlitzer, Organ, Synths, Piano, Stomp

Jonathan Maron - Bass, Piano (Corner of Love & Fear)

Tim Vaill - Drums, Piano (Kindling for the Fire, I Never Win)

Lee Farber - Percussion (Katamaran Riding)

Tania Simoncelli - Cello (Hurt People)

Live Tracks engineered by James Pertusi & Riley McMahon

Gnome Home Studio Equipment & Set-up: Marc Alan Goodman, James Pertusi & Band

Overdubs engineered by Riley McMahon

Mixed by Riley McMahon @ New Warsaw Studio

Mastered by Fred Kevorkian

ALL SONGS copyright ©1997–2007 by Katie Elevitch/BMI
Except "Kindling for the Fire", Elevitch/Maron/McMahon/Vaill

Liner Notes

The songs of Kindling for the Fire were recorded live on Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend in January 2007 in a small cottage built in 1928 in upstate New York over looking the Hudson River. This cottage was once the home of Orson Welles and Noel Coward, as well as other local artists and musicians.

After the sudden death of her father in September 2006, Katie discovered the magical space while walking to the woods near her childhood home. The "Gnome Home" as it was soon dubbed, became her healing and creative sanctuary until May 2007, when it was torn down to make way for new construction.

Katie Elevitch
Photo: Tal Shpantzer

The record was an attempt to capture not only the improvisational spirit and tightness of the band (together since 2004) in an intimate, raw way, using as many live tracks as possible, but also an effort to commune with — even collaborate with — the creative spirit energies vibrating in the walls of, and in the land surrounding, this special place. Kindling for the Fire exists therefore as a record, not just of Katie's songs, but of an architecture of solace, inspiration and artistic renewal that is now no more.

All basic tracks were recorded live, including the vocals — although only half of the vocals were used in the final master due to recording issues. The title track was recorded live and completely improvised as a band, with no overdubs used at all in the final mastered version, although it was edited down for time concerns.

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